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October 3, 2014

Why a Furnace Tune Up is a Good Idea

posted Posted by Jim Birdwell


Benefits of a Furnace Tune Up


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There are many benefits of a furnace tune up before the heating season. One benefit is obvious: you probably haven’t been using your furnace during the summer, so an inspection and tune-up will ensure that your furnace works safely and is fit to heat your home during the cold Northern Colorado winter.

A preventative maintenance furnace check up, conducted by a heating professional from American Air Heating & AC, is the key to catching those small inefficiencies that can cost you money as you heat your home this winter. Some small issues with your furnace,such as a dirty flame sensor, may be difficult to notice. It’s these kinds of inefficiencies that can turn into untimely & costly service calls. When you consider the cost of a preventative maintenance call is typically under a hundred dollars and a new furnace can be many thousands of dollars, taking the time to ensure your furnace is in optimal shape is the only logical conclusion.

It pays to get your furnace tuned-up and checked before the weather gets cold.



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