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January 23, 2018

Fort Collins Urgent Assistance with Furnace Repair

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Experiencing problems with your furnace in Fort Collins?

home furnace needing tune upEvery year, many Colorado Springs residents call for experienced furnace repair technicians for assistance with different problems. Regardless of commercial or residential usage, furnaces are typically vulnerable to a set of typical problems. Calling a technician offering reliable furnace repair in Fort Collins can help address the problem and resolve the underlying issue. At the same time, familiarizing yourself with some of the basic furnace repair issues will help identify them sooner and you can take preventative measures to stop them from mushrooming into larger problems.

For instance, in many cases, the filter may get dirty due to accumulated debris and dust. The dirty filter in turn may damage the limit switch (because a lot of dirt is now able to permeate the components) which may result in a malfunctioning fan. Dirty or clogged filters are one of the primary causes of heating and cooling problems in furnaces. It restricts airflow which forces the furnace to work harder than ever at cooling your home. Similar to car filters, furnace filters are also associated with a limited time period of efficiency. Beyond this, they start to become in inefficient and ultimately fail completely.

As a matter of fact, you may be surprised to know that a simple and inexpensive component like a furnace filter can have such a far-reaching impact on air quality and equipment life-span. A furnace filter itself can cost anywhere between $45 to $60 depending on the size and make etc. However, if not replaced on time, it can result in damage that could cost hundreds of dollars to repair. For example, if the safeguard in the limit switch fails, the furnace will not fire up at all. Handling such situations on your own can be dangerous and risky. Furnace parts in Fort Collins are available at affordable rates with top suppliers in the area.

Why Call a Fort Collins Heating and Air Conditioning Specialist?

If you have not called in air conditioning technicians for regular assessment of your HVAC system, the furnace or air conditioner may experience excessive wear and tear. Trained professionals will re-evaluate your equipment and make suitable recommendations for repair, cleaning or replacement. Similarly, inconsistent cooling, frequent air conditioning or furnace cycles, musty or moldy odor or wet ceilings could indicate wear and tear of the furnace ductwork and may require professional examination. Wear and tear of any one component often results in strain on other components too because they have to work harder to produce the same level of cooling. Furnaces are usually built to last for many years but neglected issues may cause serious damage.

A cracked heat exchanger, for example, may involve steep costs to replace. Heat exchangers can develop cracks because the metal constantly expands and contracts due to the hot gases inside. Limited airflow or a malfunctioning blower may also cause temperatures to spike and eventually lead to cracking of the heat exchanger. Many of the problems are technical and complex in nature and we may not be able to identify them or resolve them. Regular assessment and inspection can help spot potential problems and prevent steep expenses from creeping in. Strange noises like rattling, rumbling or squeaking also indicate that some parts may be working themselves loose. A faulty thermostat or an incorrect size of furnace may also result in erratic heating and cooling of spaces.

Heat pumps are energy-efficient alternatives to furnaces and air conditioners and offer heating and cooling functionalities and work by removing heat rather than generating it. Heat pump energy efficiency ratings give an accurate idea of energy consumption of the specific pump in question. In general, heat pumps can help dehumidify and cool spaces without consuming excessive energy. Seeking timely intervention can help also obtaining spare parts while warranty periods are still valid otherwise you may end up paying a lot for replacement components. Moreover, problems such as ignition or pilot issues etc should always be left to professionals; they have been trained to handle HVAC systems and will suggest the best ways to resolve problems.

American Air Heating and Air Conditioning is happy to offer excellent furnace repair in Fort Collins, CO. Please visit our website www.americanairheatingco.com or contact us for further details regarding our services and offers.



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