The Dangers of DIY HVAC Fixes

It’s best to hire a Fort Collins AC repair specialist for your Northern Colorado HVAC system when it begins to develop problems. While it may be tempting to try making repairs on your own, this may not be a good idea.

At times, the repairs may seem simple like cleaning a filter or replacing a coil. Many times, however, the repairs may be far more complex and it can be risky to try doing them by yourself. To begin with, it makes sense to call in a professional Fort Collins HVAC specialist for tune-ups to prevent repairs in the first place. Moreover, you should get your air conditioning system serviced before the hot Colorado summer months so that your air conditioner is operating at optimal efficiency.

The truth is that your DIY efforts may void the manufacturer warranty and nullify insurance claims (if relevant). It doesn’t stop there; some repairs can be illegal, too! It’s best to seek local HVAC repair services from a reliable contractor and keep your equipment and loved ones safe. Let’s begin by looking at some dangerous DIY repairs that may lead to risky repercussions.

The Dangers of DIY HVAC Fixes

The very first danger lies in a carbon monoxide leak that may occur as a result of a cracked heat exchanger in the furnace. Carbon monoxide is a gas you cannot smell or see and it cannot be detected except with a carbon monoxide detector. Faulty furnaces may sometimes leak carbon monoxide gas into your home. Gas leaks are not only a serious threat to health and life, but they may cause a furnace explosion.

Please call for professional furnace repair assistance at the earliest sign of a problem instead of attempting to rectify such a problem on your own. You should consider getting your furnace tune-up before you start using it. Moreover, please keep in mind that natural gas furnaces are potential fire hazards if not handled by a certified professional.

The fact is that wherever you have high heat energy coupled with electrical wiring, there is always the risk of fire. Add to this the presence of highly flammable fuel and the situation is really dangerous. This is all the more reason to opt for professional intervention when you notice a problem. In fact, regular, scheduled HVAC maintenance and inspection help minimize the occurrence of major breakdowns. Only trained and certified technicians should handle utilities like gas and electricity.

Regular Tune-Ups from HVAC Professionals

Neglect often leads to frustration and stress due to various factors like extended discomfort, heavy expense, and so on. Why waste your hard-earned money on unexpected repairs? Planning HVAC tune-ups can help keep your air conditioner in proper working order for the upcoming summer months. Many furnace problems can be avoided by having reliable technicians inspect your home and systems. By catching minor issues early, we can ensure that they do not blow up into major repairs.

Reasons to Consider AC Replacement

Old furnaces are not as efficient as newer, more modern versions, but this is not the only reason to consider replacement. There are other dangers associated with using an old furnace. The risks have far-reaching consequences and impact your health and safety along with spiking up your bills. Before you decide to replace your old HVAC system, let us take a quick moment to understand some common signs that serve as a warning. If you notice any of these, it’s time to call your local contractor for HVAC replacement.

One of the first signs is a yellow pilot light or flame. Furnace flames should be blue in color. A change in color could indicate a gas leak. Similarly, if you notice an upsurge in your energy bills, your furnace could be faulty and may warrant inspection. If you or your family members experience flu-like symptoms, it could indicate a carbon monoxide leak.

Selecting the Right Fort Collins AC Repair Contractor

One of the first mistakes that HVAC owners make is to select the wrong contractor for replacement and installation. Opting for the cheapest rates is not always the best decision, and bigger does not necessarily mean better when it comes to choosing a furnace. Each home or office will have a different set of requirements.

We, at American Air, are happy to leverage our years of experience to help our esteemed customers with their needs. Our friendly staff will explain product features and clarify any doubts or questions. Please visit us at for further details regarding our Fort Collins AC repair services. Whether you live in Water Valley, Highland Meadows, on Eastman Park Drive, or anywhere in Fort Collins, we’re ready to help with your heating and cooling needs.