5 Questions to Ask During Furnace Estimates

The furnace is one of the most important parts of the home, but repairing or replacing it can be expensive. Before you schedule a technician for Fort Collins furnace repair and replacement, it helps to shop around and get multiple estimates. Taking time to do your research and find the right fit can help ensure you get great service and a good value. Here are five questions to ask for your furnace repair or replacement estimate.

Is It Better to Repair or Replace the System?

One of the first things to decide is if you need to replace your furnace or if it simply can be repaired. There are a number of things to consider, and a qualified HVAC technician should be able to give good advice. If your furnace is getting towards the end of its life, it is likely better to replace it than to repair it. If the damage is serious and expensive, it also could be worth replacing the furnace, even if it is newer. However, an issue that can be fixed without having to replace the entire unit can save time and money. Be sure to ask the technician about repairing versus replacing the furnace and have them explain the rationale behind their decision.

What Is Included in the Estimate?

Most HVAC companies offer free estimates before service is performed. Be sure to ask lots of questions so that you are clear on exactly what is and isn’t included in the quote. This will help you compare estimates between different companies. The lowest estimate isn’t automatically the best, especially if it doesn’t include as high quality of service or products as other companies. Ask if the estimate includes things like getting permits from the city or county, removing your old furnace, and replacing or repairing the fittings and connectors. You also want to be clear if the estimate includes the price of parts and labor and exactly what parts are included, including the brand. Before you agree to an HVAC company, be totally clear about what you’re paying and what you’re getting in return.

Does the Furnace and Service Come With a Warranty?

Most HVAC technicians offer some sort of guarantee or warranty to cover their work, but the coverage and quality of those offers can vary greatly. One company may cover the cost of any follow-up maintenance if there are issues with the new furnace, while another may just offer to come fix any issues but still charge you full price. Ask exactly what follow-up services are covered and how long the guarantee or warranty lasts. Many furnaces come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is different from the warranty to install the furnace. Your technician should also be able to provide information about the manufacturer’s warranty.

What Type of Furnace Should I Use as a Replacement?

There is a wide variety of furnaces available to fit every type of house and budget. A qualified HVAC professional can provide recommendations on the best furnace for your home, taking into account the size of the home, your lifestyle, and the climate of the area. Don’t feel like you have to replace the existing furnace with the exact same type, especially if you have added onto the house or done other remodeling. Be sure to ask if you are interested in extra features like zone heating or a smart thermostat.

What Is Your Experience in Furnace Repair and Replacement?

Before choosing an HVAC company, find out about their experience in the area. Ask the technician how long they have been working in furnace repair or replacement. You want to feel confident that your technician is qualified and experienced to handle any issues that may arise.

Furnace repair or replacement is a big decision that shouldn’t be rushed. Take the time to ask plenty of questions to feel confident about choosing the right technician for your needs. When it comes to Fort Collins furnace repair and replacement, investing the time beforehand can lead to a great experience and product.