How to Prepare Your Home and HVAC System for Spring

The weather is steadily getting warmer, birds are chirping, and flowers are starting to bloom. Spring has finally arrived. Along with spring comes spring cleaning and getting your home ready for warmer weather. Things have been closed up during the colder winter months, and now is a great time to make sure everything is in working order as the seasons change. A large part of spring cleaning is updating your HVAC systems, including HVAC maintenance in Fort Collins. Here are five tips to get your home and HVAC system running smoothly for spring and summer.

Open Windows

Take advantage of the mild weather and open your windows. On good spring days, you don’t have to run your heater or asir conditioner, so give your systems a break and let Mother Nature air out your house. A home’s air quality can suffer in the winter with reduced air flow, so let fresh air flow through your home to naturally improve air quality. Clean air helps reduce allergens and the chance for mold growth. Plus, your wallet will enjoy having a lower energy bill.

Clean Vents and Airducts

Running your furnace regularly during the winter months can lead to large accumulations of dust and debris in your home’s vents and air ducts. Start by replacing the HVAC air filter. This should typically be done about every 30 to 90 days, especially during high-use seasons, but the start of spring is a great time for a fresh start. Clean around the air vents in your home to remove dust and buildup. You should also consider hiring a professional duct cleaning service to remove dust and debris from inside the ducts, which can lower air quality and make it difficult for the system to operate efficiently. You don’t need to get your air ducts cleaned every year, but it can be a good option if you’ve noticed unusual sickness or lower air quality. Click here to learn more about air duct cleaning.

Get an HVAC Tune-Up

Start the season off right with an HVAC system that’s in great working order. Running the furnace during the winter can lead to natural wear and tear. As you turn off the furnace and get ready to eventually turn on the air conditioner, hire an HVAC technician to look at your system and make sure it’s working properly. An HVAC tune-up typically includes cleaning and lubricating the system and making sure everything is in place and working as it should. Taking preventative action to tune up your system every season can help avoid expensive repairs later in the year and potentially extend the life of the HVAC system.

Check and Clear Outside Areas

Getting your home ready for spring also extends outside the home. Walk around your property to check for things that may have gotten damaged during winter storms, including drain pipes, roof shingles, and siding. Check your gutters and clean out any debris that may have collected. Winter weather can lead to leaves and other debris clogging the gutters, which can cause damage and flooding when spring rain arrives. Even if the gutters look clean, run water through them with a hose to make sure there aren’t any clogs. At most houses, cleaning the gutters requires being up on a ladder, so call a professional if you need help with the project. Click here for more on spring exterior upkeep.

Test Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are simple devices that could potentially save lives. Experts recommend that homeowners check their alarms at least twice a year. Spring is a great time to check as the weather changes and you update other areas of the home. Most alarms have a button to push to check that the battery is working and everything is hooked up properly. If the alarm needs to be replaced, it’s better to do it right away instead of waiting until it’s too late. Testing your alarms only takes a few minutes but can provide safety and peace of mind.

Give your home and HVAC system a fresh start for spring with these maintenance tips. Even small updates can make a big difference in the efficiency and comfort of your home.