Professional Air Conditioning Tune-Ups Can Help Save on Bills

Feeling uncomfortable and stuffy even though the air conditioner is on?

Air conditioning tune-ups are a regular necessity even when they are new. Many Fort Collins air conditioning systems develop problems due to different reasons, including poor maintenance, inefficient servicing or inadequate installation. An underperforming blower, clogged filters, or frozen coils may lead to poor cooling, and an expert tune-up can help iron out kinks and stave off breakdowns. Unless fins, blowers, coils, etc. are regularly serviced, the air conditioner will struggle to produce optimal cooling. Tune-ups can also help bring to light any other potential problems that may cost you hundreds (or sometimes even thousands) of valuable dollars to fix later.

Top Fort Collins HVAC contractors suggest that people who postpone air-conditioner tune-ups are often those who are faced with major breakdowns at some point. Actually, it costs a nominal amount of money to schedule a professional air conditioner inspection, and you can enjoy huge returns on your investment. You also enjoy additional peace of mind as there is less likelihood of your air conditioner breaking down in the middle of a sweltering Colorado summer. In addition to avoiding unpleasant breakdowns, regular tune-ups can also help improve safety, recover lost efficiency, and increase the overall lifespan of the AC unit.

Investing in a reliable air conditioning system is a big decision, and regular inspections help you get the maximum value out of your HVAC system. Other benefits of regular tune-ups include increase in overall operational comfort and reduction in operating expenses. Neglected and poorly maintained air conditioning systems tend to utilize excess power and thus lead to high energy bills. Inadequate or lack of necessary maintenance results in declining cooling performance coupled with escalating energy consumption. We recommend that you should get your air conditioning systems tuned up at least once every year to be on the safe side.

What exactly is involved in a Professional Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

A thorough, professional tune-up includes several things, including a comprehensive cleaning of air conditioning coils for example. Clogged and dirty coils increase wear and tear on the system and often spike energy bills because the air conditioner is forced to work harder than ever to produce a cooling effect. Regular tune-ups can help keep your energy bills under control.

An expert tune-up can also help evaluate to see if coolant levels are adequate. Lack of coolant can lead to excessive friction, and this further leads to the production of waste heat energy and high energy bills again. You could pay higher energy bills every month and this could add up to a sizable amount every year! It’s much better to take precautions and seek reliable local assistance with your HVAC system.

Similarly, an improperly calibrated thermostat can result in false readings of temperature. Experienced air conditioning technicians know how to calibrate the thermostat correctly. Air conditioning tune-ups also involve a thorough inspection of the ductwork; leaky ducts can lead to wastage of energy and poor cooling. In fact, certain tell-tale signs could indicate a leaky duct and be already costing you dollars and cents in lost energy.

If you feel hot and stuffy in a room despite the air-conditioning, this could mean that the cool air is passing over leaking ducts and is lost to the great outdoors instead of cooling the closed confines of your home. It’s very important for air conditioning ducts to be completely sealed for optimal energy and cooling efficiency. An experienced technician will examine and identify the ductwork for leaks. If you can smell paint, thinner, or fertilizers from your basement while sitting in your living room, the fumes are probably finding their way in through compromised air conditioning ducts. Hazardous back-drafting of noxious fumes is even riskier. Leaky ducts could be pulling outside air into the indoors and this is particularly dangerous for furnace or heater vents.

The important thing is to seek reliable and timely assistance from local air conditioning experts. Residents in the Fort Collins area can contact experts from popular Fort Collins air conditioning companies. We, at, are happy to answer your queries and clarify any doubts regarding air conditioner tune-ups and inspections.