When Should I Consider Air Duct Cleaning?

One of the first questions you may ask is, “Why should I even consider getting my air ducts cleaned?” Before we jump into the when and how’s, let’s talk about why you may consider air duct cleaning for your home.

There are actually no studies that verify that duct cleaning improves your air quality in your home. So why would anyone even recommend doing it? One thing you need to remember is that this is true if your air ducts are well sealed and not filled with excessive amounts of dirt and debris or other pollutants. Hopefully, for most people, this is the case.

So Do I Need to Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

If your air ducts are well sealed and don’t seem to be filled with excessive amounts of dirt and debris, there’s no urgency to have your air ducts cleaned.

However, here are some scenarios where you will want to consider an air duct cleaning:

1. If your home has leaky air ducts, they could be bringing dirty air and allergens from places like your attic, your crawlspace, your garage, etc, and blowing it into your home. You may notice this especially if you have bad allergies or asthma.

2. Some people have dealt with mold in their air ducts. This certainly would be a reason for having them properly and thoroughly cleaned by a professional.

3. If you are seeing a large number of insects exiting and entering your air ducts, you may want to consider a cleaning.

4. If you suspect a vermin infestation in your air ducts, I’m sure you would agree that cleaning them would be a good idea. Finding droppings, a dead mouse, or other signs of infestation will give you a pretty good clue. The last thing you want is those pollutants caused by vermin infestation circulating through your living room air.

5. If you just moved into a different home and the air ducts have not been cleaned recently, you may want to consider hiring the pros to clean them to be safe.

6. A major renovation project in your home can often fill the air ducts with excessive amounts of dust and debris. When the reno work is done, you might want to consider having them cleaned, or, at the least, do a thorough vacuum of your air ducts.

7. If you are allergic to pets and move into a home that has had indoor pets, cleaning out your air ducts would be a good consideration for you. Even after replacing carpets, you could still be facing issues because pet hair is going to collect in the air ducts as well.

Should My Air Ducts Be Cleaned Often?

Cleaning your air ducts, in most cases, shouldn’t have to happen more often than every 3 to 5 years. Be wary of scams out there that recommend frequent cleanings.

Hiring the Right Company to Do Your Air Duct Cleaning

Be cautious when hiring companies that offer ridiculously low prices. They’re probably too good to be true and may end up costing you more. Some scam companies have been known to do a ‘cheap’ inspection and quick cleaning and then end up letting you know you have mold in your air ducts when it’s not actually true. While the initial inspection was ‘cheap,’ mold removal isn’t (whether you actually have mold or not!).

When you hire a reputable company to do your air duct cleaning, on average you will be paying somewhere from $300 to $500. Obviously, your price will be determined by the size of your home, the number of air ducts, as well as some other factors.

When you hire someone to do your air duct cleaning, make sure they include every part of your HVAC system that air passes through, not just the ducts themselves. Just vacuuming out the air ducts is not going to do the job. Learn what the NADCA says should be included in air duct cleaning when done properly.