Air Duct Cleaning for Allergies: Removing Mold and Infestation

Anyone suffering from allergies would want to do anything that could help provide relief. However, you may be surprised at learning that the culprits are usually found inside your own home. According to statistics from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor air is likely to be 70% more polluted than outside air.

Millions of Americans suffer from allergies every year, and many of these are caused by mold infestations in the home. Symptoms of airborne allergies could include a runny nose, itchy throat, sneezing, rash, watery and red eyes, and even breathlessness. Extreme cases involving nausea and fatigue could require hospitalization. Although many allergens exist in the outdoor environment (like pollen), these are often transported into our homes through air conditioning ducts. This implies that staying indoors may not do any good as the air conditioning ducts may be full of dust, debris, and mold that further exacerbate allergies. This may be a good time to consider air duct cleaning!

Mold and Dust Allergies

According to statistics published by the AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America), more than 50 million Americans suffer from allergies every year. Mold is a form of fungus, thriving in moist, warm conditions including wall insulation, ceilings, air conditioning ducts, leaky pipes, and so on. A major problem with mold is that it can grow, thrive, and proliferate without ever being seen. The home or building occupants may feel sick without being aware of the cause. Out of all places, mold grows the fastest in air conditioning ducts where it is dark, damp, and warm. In general, mold growth at its maximum rate during humid weather and least during dry weather. Although it’s practically impossible to eliminate mold, you can control it by having your air conditioning ducts cleaned.

In general, although mold is relatively harmless in the outdoors, it can cause allergies and sickness when infestations occur indoors. It’s also a good idea to keep track of humidity levels inside your home; ideal humidity conditions should be between around 35% to 50%.

Although mold is invisible, you can sometimes become aware of its presence by a typical damp, musty smell. When we switch on the HVAC system, the pollen, dust, and mold spores enter our homes and pollute the indoor environment. Professional Fort Collins air conditioning services can help promote sanitation by reducing the dirt and debris. Air conditioning ducts are not only ideal habitats for mold but also for dust mites and pet dander. Many Americans suffer from dust mite allergies that include symptoms like sneezing and a runny nose.

Air conditioning systems are ideal breeding grounds for mold and bacterial spores because of organic debris and standing water. Inside the air conditioning system, mold infestations may occur in the cooling coil, dehumidification system, or the condensate drain pan. Air duct cleaning can help reinstate the flow of clean and fresh air by eliminating dust, pet dander, and other airborne allergens that can contaminate indoor air quality. With air duct cleaning, HVAC system owners enjoy a dual benefit: in addition to the elimination of allergens, air duct cleaning also helps improve energy efficiency and improves cooling performance.

Professional air duct cleaning is offered by top air conditioning companies serving the Fort Collins area. The trained and experienced technicians use specially designed vacuum cleaners, brushes, and chemical compounds to clean out air conditioning ducts, coils, and exchangers. It may be a good idea for pet owners to request more frequent cleaning of air ducts owing to pet dander. In addition, it’s also a good idea to get the air ducts cleaned if you’re planning to move into a new home.

Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, it’s a good idea to schedule professional air duct cleaning to eliminate microbe infestations and improve overall efficiency. Air ducts clogged with dirt and debris will disrupt optimal airflow, and the air conditioner will have to struggle harder to cool the same area.

If you’re interested in getting air conditioning ducts inspected, we, at American Air Heating & Cooling, are happy to offer our reliable and affordable services. Residents of the local area can consider contacting trustworthy Fort Collins HVAC contractors for air conditioning repairs or replacement. Please feel free to speak to one of our friendly consultants, and we will recommend the best services for your HVAC needs.