3 Health Benefits of Installing an Air Purification System

We all know that cleaner air is beneficial for everyone, of course. No one wants to breathe polluted air, right? But there are several different ways you can help clean the air in your home to make it habitable for everyone, even those with extreme allergies. You can install air filters in your heating or air conditioning units, put in devices that help absorb pollutants in your air supply, or installing an in-home air purification system. While all of these methods have their own benefits and drawbacks, there are three huge benefits of putting an in-home air purification system into your home:

Air Purifiers Remove Irritants That Cause Allergies

For those with allergies to common irritants like pollen, dust, and pet hair, an air purification system can help scrub the air you breathe and provide relief. Irritants can get inside from leaving a window open, opening the front door for even a second, or from owning a pet with fur. Air purification systems can reduce these irritants in the air and at least reduce your symptoms if you suffer from airborne allergies.

Fewer Asthma Outbreaks

Especially for children with asthma, an air purification system can be extremely beneficial. The removal of irritants like dust and pet dander reduces the particles in the air that can clog air passages and cause outbreaks. After only a day or two of using an air purification system, most families with members who have asthma saw a greatly reduced number of episodes related to asthma and the contaminants that often cause flare-ups or worsening conditions.

Air Purifiers Remove Smoke and Odor

If you have a smoker in your household, an air purification system can help disperse smoke from the confined space of your house and even remove the leftover odor. They can also remove cooking smells and help maintain your home’s pleasant odor even after a party. Air purification systems can remove these common irritants from the air quickly and effectively—a benefit even for people who aren’t sensitive to cigarette smoke.


Air purification systems are often used by people with allergies or who have children who may develop asthma. They can keep conditions like asthma from getting worse, and oftentimes they are a cost-effective way to keep you and your family healthy.

Many enclosed spaces are often more polluted with air particles than the open air. Cigarette smoke, dust, dander, and other irritants have a smaller space contaminate in your home than outside. If you have pets, the amount of contaminants in your air is even higher. The health care costs of long-term conditions like asthma far outweigh the cost of an air purification system in the long run. If you can make the investment now, the benefits will outweigh the cost over time. The best air purification systems are an investment in your family’s long term health if you can find the right one for your household. These systems will clear the air of pollutants and continue to clean the air in your home until the end of its filter’s effectiveness.