Fort Collins Conventional Hot Water Heaters by Bradford White

In our homes, most of us have conventional hot water heaters. The  are a tried and true method for hot water; they require some maintenance, and tend to last many years with little to no repair needed. Our favorite is the Bradford White water heater. Bradford White is in a class by itself with the Defender Safety System®, a new combustion technology that resists the ignition of flammable vapors outside the water heater.  It maintains outstanding efficiency, a long service life and low NOx emissions while providing maintenance free operation for all conventional 30, 40 and 50-gallon gas-fired water heaters.

The Defender Safety System’s unique design causes several directional changes to the flow of combustion air.  This series of diversions is the key to “scrubbing” the air of the majority of lint and dust, providing years of trouble-free service.

The Bradford White Defender Safety System features:

  • Vitraglas®, the world’s best glass tank lining
  • Factory-installed dielectric waterway fittings
  • Brass Drain Valve
  • T&P Relief Valve
  • Snap-Lock Draft Diverter

All Bradford White hot water heaters are certified to the highest and toughest standards.  Plus, every one of their water heaters is manufactured with pride in America’s Heartland.

Bradford White hot water heaters come with a standard 6-Year Limited Tank & Parts Warranty.

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