Get Your Furnace Tune-Up Today – Don’t Get Caught in the Cold

There’s nothing worse than settling in to enjoy a cozy evening inside during the frigid winter months, only to have your furnace go out. Suddenly, instead of sipping hot chocolate and lounging leisurely by the fire, you are frantically calling every repairman in town as you pile on layers and huddle around a space heater for warmth. Not to mention, many of your neighbors are in the same boat because they too failed to check their furnace before the winter weather rolled in, so the wait time to get service at your home is much longer than usual.

Colorado gets cold, and Northern Colorado winters are notorious for freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. While we’re still enjoying the beautiful fall weather and you may be in denial about the looming cold season, now is the time to schedule a furnace tune-up. It’s true that the best defense is a good offense, and that rings especially true for furnace tune upsBeing proactive and scheduling your furnace tune-up and repair early helps you beat the crowds and can alert you to potential heating issues to fix before you’re left shivering in the dark.  During the winter, it can sometimes take a few days before service calls are answered. This is why you should schedule now.

At American Air Heating & Air Conditioning, we have more than 30 years experience serving heaters all around Northern Colorado. We’ve received more than our fair share of desperate, last-minute calls to fix a furnace, and they all come from stressed (and cold) clients. Believe us, you don’t want to be that person. Take the time now to get your heating system set for the winter. Trust us to give you accurate reports on your system’s condition and to make any needed repairs quickly and professionally.

With our help and some early planning, you can be comfortable and worry free throughout the rest of the year. Call American Air today to schedule your furnace tune-up!