Reme Air Purifiers and Indoor Air Pollution

REME [Reflective electro-magnetic energy], is an indoor air purification module that cleans the air and the other surfaces. It is made of hydro-peroxides. Hydro-peroxides are nontoxic and can be used in homestead houses and offices; since hydro-peroxide is made up of natural elements like oxygen, vapor and electromagnetic energy. It is idyllic and inexpensive to use since the whole household or office needs just a single REME air purifier. One is enough to be used in a house having a maximum of two thousand square feet. This is cost effective, compared to the air conditioners designed for each room in a single house. Also, the air conditioners just trap the fairly large particles, making REME air purifier have a higher advantage over them, as they trap gases.

There had been lots of complaints from people suffering from diseases and problems; problems like wheezing, sneezing, colds and flu are because of unfiltered air. This is what triggered researchers to try coming out with a solution to these, since they were rampant all over the world. That is how REME air purifier came in existence.

Research has also indicated that indoor air has a higher percentage of pollution compared to the air outside. It is also evident that most people spend the better part of their lives indoors. This shows that a large number of people in the world’s population are at a risk of these indoor related problems. Severe headaches, fatigue, irritation in the lungs and subsequent asthma and allergies are many problems which people, spend substantial time indoors, face. This means that the lives of individuals and their families are put under health risk, thereby demanding the use of an effective air filter.

The air purifier releases ionized hydro-peroxides into the HVAC duct making it possible to circulate it around the house. It counters pathogens, pollutants and allergens at a speed that does not give the odor and micro-organisms any chance to attack the people in the conditioned room. Micro-organisms neutralized by this air purifier include smoke, cooking, trash, paint and chemical odors, stale air smells, disease causing micro-organisms like those causing Swine Flu [H1N1] and Avian Flu. The air purifier just releases friendly oxidizers into the air and all these problems are solved.

Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy has been used in the United States of America, where it has been highly embraced to curb Norovirus and MRSA. It is used in public schools, military camps, cruise lines, theme parks and hotels. This has proved effective, as the air purifiers have a killing rate of ninety nine percent.

Owing to its ability to kill bacteria, pollutants and allergens, REME air purifier has been recommended and included in the plans of America’s high social halls and hotels. It has also been recommended in rising country’s visions, so as to minimize problems and diseases that are air-borne.

If such a developed country has taken the issue of ensuring its citizens’ health by using REME air purifiers, who are we to resist such a fact?

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