Knowing More About Energy Efficient HVAC Trends

There is a lot of energy saving products available on the market. These can include energy saving technologies that help with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning processes. Using energy efficient products not only lessens your energy consumption but also lessens potential damage to the environment. If you want to know more about energy efficient HVAC trends, here are some innovative technologies worth knowing or looking at:

  • Demand controlled ventilation – If there is no demand for ventilation in a room, it is reduced or turned of rather than ventilating the room while no one is present. This is how a demand controlled ventilation system works. It can be manipulated to fit your ventilation needs depending on the demand. In turn, this saves energy and reduces costs.
  • Direct digital control systems – This system provides users to change and customize their HVAC equipment. The system can be programmed to a specific level and time to save energy effectively. Information is sent through a control panel where it can be monitored and manipulated for appropriate use. Other DDC systems can also be accessible via the internet so users may just have to log in and remotely operate the system without being physically present.
  • Variable air volume systems – Regulates and controls air flow that can save energy at any given time. This system adjusts accordingly providing air without sacrificing the temperature of the room. The VAV system offers a better overall energy efficiency that controls the compressor, boilers, fans, and chillers to run on a divided yet equal load. This system works well in multi zone facilities that have no temperature concerns.
  •  Variable frequency drives – A device that controls the motor speed regulating it to provide the necessary load of energy at a given time. It controls the frequency (Hz) and power (Volts/Hz) of a motor for optimal performance. Most importantly, it protects the motor from overload and significantly adds to motor life.

There are other energy efficient HVAC trends that people can utilize. Remember to read about them and make sure you understand them as it will help you plan and manage your energy consumption. To learn more about energy efficient HVAC trends and how American Air’s solutions can help you at your home or office, contact us today.