How Often Should I Check My Air Filter?

Many people wonder how often they should check their air filters. With the rising costs of energy, we all try to conserve energy the best ways we can. Since heating and cooling take up almost 50% of our energy bills, experts note that regularly checking and changing your air filters regularly can provide you with a 5 to 15% energy savings on your bills.

Checking and changing your air filter at the start of each new season is a good best practice. Each season can be cold or hot so preparing your AC unit for the inevitable fluctuation in temperature is important before these changes actually occur. Some people also check and change they air filters once a month just to play it safe. So how will you know that the air filter should need replacing?

Here Are Some Points to Consider When It Comes to Checking Your Air Filter:

  • Each air filter has its own life span so understanding what type of air filter you are using can help guide you.  Most filter manufacturers will let you know what the optimal time frame is for checking for filter effectiveness.
  • If the air in the house does not seem fresh, clean, or people seem to be getting sick with colds or the flu more frequently, then it might be time to replace the air filter.
  • People who have pets should change their air filters more often. This will help eliminate pet dander inside the house and help ease pet allergies.
  • A home with lots of occupants can accumulate more dust and odor compared to a small family so changing the air filter regularly should be done.
  • If your home is near the road or a construction site, then changing the air filter at least once a month will be a good best practice.

Keeping in mind all the above factors, changing and checking your air filter at least once a month will be helpful to you and your family. Regular cleaning is also required to help your AC unit function normally and provide you with cool refreshing air. If you have any questions or need help with changing or checking your air filter, contact American Air for assistance.