Filtrete Filters vs. Honeywell Filters: Which Is Better?

Air filters are devices used to purify the air by removing particles like pollen, dust, and bacteria from the air making the air quality in your home much better. In houses, it makes the air more breathable and cleaner that it was before. There are many types of air filters that you can use but choosing one that is effective and affordable enough can be a hard task.  However, knowing more about air filters can make the process easier. In choosing between Filtrete Filters vs. Honeywell Filters, which of the two air filters fits your needs at home and your budget as well?

Filtrete Filters

Filtrete filters use activated carbon in removing odor that can come from food, pets, chemicals, and even smoke. It is noted to have a Microparticle Performance Rating of 1200 and can last up to 3 months making the air you breathe clean from all odor and particles. Filtrete filters offer the highest level of air filtration in your home.  It is also electrostatically charged. Other qualities of the Filtrete filter include:

  • effective odor removing carbon filter
  • high performance filter
  • electrostatically charged fibers
  • captures microscopic allergens
  • residential use only
  • last up to 3 months

Honeywell Filters

On the other hand, Honeywell Filters are more effective as an air cleaner because they can last up to one year. They are much larger than the standard one inch fiberglass filters yet accommodating and easy to install. The Honeywell Filter also features an electrostatic charge and pleated material. Compared to other products, it is a more effective filter that can filter out bacteria, microscopic allergens, pollen, smoke, mold spores, insecticide dust, pet dust, and disintegrated feces. Other feature of a Honeywell Filter includes:

  • easy fit fiber glass filter
  • high percentage in capturing airborne particles
  • improved dust holding capacity
  • recyclable
  • moisture-resistant and wire-backed frame

The Best Air Filter for You

So if you are trying to choose a good air filter to use in your home, choose between these two products. They are some of the best air filters available on the market. Keep in mind that you will need a product that will be effective in making the air you breathe clean yet also meeting your budget needs.  If you have questions about the key difference between these two filters, contact American Air today.