Can Upgrading Your Thermostat Save You Money?

The thermostat has always been an important asset when controlling the climate of our homes. As technology has evolved, so have thermostats both in design and functionality. We no longer have to use a small knob to change the temperature in our homes nor do we have to keep the thermostat at a certain temperature day and night and manually change it when the need arises. Two modern types of thermostats have revolutionized climate control in our homes and offices: The programmable thermostat and the NEST thermostat.  Which one is best suited for your demands?

Both the NEST and programmable thermostats boast money-savings. The programmable thermostat saves money by allowing you to preset temperatures in your home based on the time or the anticipated weather.  You program the schedule based on your week, and the programmable thermostat controls your indoor climate accordingly.

The NEST is a learning, or “smart” thermostat that uses smart technology that adapts to your preference based on your daily routine and climate control demands. This makes personalizing the device much easier and reduces the need to plan ahead. Both types of thermostat can save you money, however, the NEST is the more efficient of the two.

Investing in a new thermostat can help you save up to 20 percent on your heating and cooling bill. In order to get the maximum savings, you would need to reduce your overall energy consumption. Simply installing the device will not allow you to see savings, as both types need to be programmed or adapt to your new preferences and get “smarter” as you continue to use the device.

The initial costs of the two popular thermostat types differ significantly. Programmable thermostats can cost as little as $20 for a 7-Day program capability and a simple touch screen. More expensive models that allow additional planning are available. If you choose to upgrade the touch screen and add features such as wi-fi, a programmable thermostat can cost hundreds of dollars. A NEST thermostat will cost at least $200, but there are less options available in terms of design.

Both the programmable thermostat and the NEST thermostat are efficient. The low initial cost of the programmable thermostat makes it a more practical choice; however, the smart technology used in the NEST thermostat is more likely to save you money.  Either way, the savings pay for the device over time, so you’ll just need carefully think about the two designs and their capabilities before deciding which one is best for your household.

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