Time To Tune Up Your Furnace

There are some parts of your heating system you can tune up yourself fairly easily. Thermostats, air filters, baseboard radiators, and air registers are easy to adjust, clean, or replace. You can set your thermostat to help save you money this winter. Additionally, you can replace air filters so that clean, warm air is pumped into your home, with little risk of indoor air pollution. This can improve the efficiency of your heat transfer in your home by removing obstructions from your air registers or baseboard radiators. These tasks are great regular maintenance chores that will ensure your home is heated effectively with as low a cost as possible.

Other areas of your home heating system require professional help to properly tune up. For these tasks, it pays to have professional help. One of the most important of these tasks is the safety check. When heating your home, combustion-based heating systems produce waste products that are unhealthy to breathe. These flue gases include carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and smoke – they’re all harmful. Professional heating technicians are trained to inspect any heating systems for cracks and other small openings that could leak these gases into the air you breathe. Don’t leave this to chance, if you’ve got any doubts, it may be best to give us a call.