Low Price Doesn’t Always Equal Quality

It’s funny. We get asked all the time: “What Should I Pay for a Furnace Tune Up & Inspection?”

For the 2014 heating season, we are seeing $89.95 for a furnace tune-up and safety inspection.  This is a discounted price that most companies use to make sure it is affordable for the majority of their customers.  For most of us this is a breakeven price at best.  Wages, taxes, and vehicle expense cost companies most of this fee and the little that is left over is far below adequate to pay the overhead for the company.

Are you looking at the Whole Picture when shopping for a Furnace Repair?

Most companies charge and a diagnostic charge usually combined into one fee.  This fee includes sending a service technician to the home and generally the first 15 minutes to evaluate and diagnose the problem.  Most companies will discuss the findings and provide a quote for the repair.

When shopping for a company it can be very misleading to look only at the trip/diagnostic charge.  Many companies discount this charge and overcharge on the repairs.  Generally speaking, a company that charges enough to cover the trip and diagnostic is there to do the best job they can for you at a reasonable charge.  The very low rates for the trip/diagnostic may indicate a company with excessive repair costs leading to the suggestion that the furnace needs to be replaced, due to the age of the furnace vs. the cost of the repair.  These inflated charges are really just a sales tactic.

Why then do we see companies performing Tune-Ups/Safety Inspections for $29.95 to $49.95?

This is simply an approach by some companies to market their company to unsuspecting consumers.  The low price seems attractive and gets the company to the customer’s home where they look for the opportunity to replace some or all of the equipment in the home.

At American Air Heating and AC, We believe it is better to pay for the service and expect the furnace tune-up to be the main goal of the service technician, rather than what the technician can sell you.