Reducing Propane Usage This Winter

How Can I Reduce the Amount of Propane I Need for My Home Furnace?

Understanding propane usage is important, considering prices can vary and fluctuate depending on supply and demand.  Exports, agriculture, national demand, and even weather can create regional or national shortages that cause propane’s prices to rise.

Controlling or reducing your own personal usage with an energy-efficient furnace may be the best way to control your annual expense for propane.  High-efficiency furnaces are up to 98% efficient in the combustion process.  This can change the propane input to very low amounts and can mean big savings!

A Heat Pump is another excellent choice in appliances for maintaining low propane use.  A Heat Pump is a hybrid heating & cooling system, using the Electric Heat Pump for the heat source when the temperature is above 40 degrees outside.   When the temperature drops below 40 degrees, the Heat Pump switches back to the Propane furnace to continue heating.  This can save a lot of propane use in the winter.

The Heat Pump serves as an Air Conditioning system in the summer, so you receive low-cost heating and cooling benefits throughout the year!

A Dual-Fuel Heat Pump increases in efficiency as the outdoor temperature gets warmer and a propane furnace increases in efficiency as it gets colder; using the two together in your home is an unbeatable combination for our Northern Colorado winter and summer temperatures.