Dual Fuel Heat Pumps Mean More Energy-Efficient Comfort in Your Home

Dual fuel heat pumps offer the perfect combination of efficiency and comfort with two energy sources – an electric heat pump and a gas furnace.  What makes this system so ideal is that it seamlessly alternates between the two energy sources, depending on outdoor conditions.  A heating and cooling system all in one, the heat pump functions as both a heating and cooling system, reducing gas fuel consumption.  When the outdoor temperature is above 40 degrees the electric heat pump provides the heat for the home and when the temperature drops below 40 degrees the indoor furnace provides the heating for the home.  Electric company rebates may also be available which further makes dual fuel heat pumps so attractive.  Although we can usually use the existing gas/propane furnace and add a heat pump to the system to provide the dual-fuel operation for heating and summertime cooling, it is generally better to add a new variable speed furnace at the same time for optimal system performance and reliability.