Ductless Heating and Negative Temperatures

Occasionally we get asked, “will a ductless heating systems heat my home when the temperature is below 0?” When it comes to ductless systems, negative temperatures can be a problem. The answer to this question really depends on the type of ductless system you have. Most ductless heating systems can only heat effectively when the outside temperature is roughly 15 degrees or warmer. This can be a drawback to those looking for a ductless solution with colder temperatures.

Mitsubishi, the world leader in ductless systems, offers a model that can heat effectively down to -13 degrees!

The Mitsubishi “HyperHeat” is an ideal solution for a room or area that is hard to keep warm.   It is also useful for someone who may need a warmer temperature in their room than what might be used for the rest of the home.  This can help save a lot of energy during the winter months when heating can be expensive!  Ductless heating is easy to control and the Mitsubishi “HyperHeat” is whisper quiet.

With triple allergen filtration, ductless heating is a also great solution for those that deal with allergy symptoms that can be aggravated during the dry winter months.