Variable Control Furnaces

The Joys of Variable Control Furnaces

A heating system is essential for any home in cold climates. Heating systems technology has improved in recent years and sometimes it’s just necessary to replace your old heating system. A great choice is a variable-capacity furnace from American Air Heating & Air Conditioning.

What are the differences between the variable-capacity furnace and my older furnace? Older furnaces have a single-stage or two-stage setting that is set based on the conditions of your home. Single-stage furnaces operate at one speed. Once the system detects the house is too cold, the furnace turns on until it reaches the desired temperature. Two-stage furnaces instead operate at a low setting the majority of the time and the high setting kicks in if the temperature becomes extremely cold. Variable capacity furnaces can have their output adjusted from 35% – 100% capacity in increments of 1%, which allows for exact control of temperature and airflow. This is both efficient and great for temperature balance.

What are the benefits of variable-capacity furnaces?

– High Efficiency

Our Lennox SLP98V model offers efficiency of 98.2% AFUE, which translates to 30-50% in savings yearly when compared to your standard furnace.

– Quietness

Variable capacity motors will run quietly while providing a constant flow of air to keep your home heated. They also save approximately $100 a year in electricity costs.

– Customizable comfort

These furnaces offer more temperature precision when heating your home. So, you can trust that your home will remain at a comfortable temperature all year long. If you are looking for comfort, savings and efficiency then a variable capacity heating furnace is for you. You will not only feel the difference, you will see the savings difference on your yearly energy bill. Contact us at American Air Heating & Air Conditioning to help you fill your variable-capacity furnace needs.