Bypass Or Steam Humidifier

Humidifiers create vital moisture that helps prevent the air in your home from drying out, protecting

you and your family from respiratory diseases and other health concerns. But when it comes to better

breathing in your home, it is important to figure out which kind of humidifier will be most beneficial. We

will be comparing bypass humidifiers to steam humidifiers to give you a better understanding of which

type is right for you.

Both bypass humidifiers and steam humidifiers keep your home at an optimal moisture level. And, both

types of humidifiers are hooked up to your home’s central heating ducts. The major difference is a

steam humidifier will create its own mist while a bypass humidifier will rely on the heat from your

furnace to evaporate the water. If your home happens to use an electric furnace or heat pump, or if

your home is larger than 3000 square feet, there won’t be enough heat to warm the water and create

moisture. In this case you will need a steam humidifier.

Once you know which type of furnace is in your home, it should be fairly easy to figure out which

humidifier best fits your needs. The most important thing is to have the right amount of moisture in the

air so your home can continue to provide the best environment for you and your family.