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Air Quality in Fort Collins Homes

With air quality ratings just slightly higher than the mediocre national average, Fort Collins is teeming with pollens, dust mites and dry heat. These air pollutants become trapped in your home’s furnishings and carpets, to be breathed into your lungs and wreak havoc on your respiratory system. For allergy sufferers and individuals with weak immune systems, air quality is particularly crucial!

When it comes to purifying the air that you breathe, time is of the essence: That is why American Air Heating & Air Conditioning is here as the leading provider of air quality solutions in Fort Collins, CO.

Purify Your Home’s Air

Air Quality Fort Collins COWe understand that poor air quality can cause static, allergies, respiratory illnesses and more, substantially decreasing your home’s livability. In fact, the average individual spends over 70% of their day at home, and thus their well-being hinges on the quality of the indoor air. Unfortunately, standard filters cannot sufficiently eliminate all the pollutants from the air, often stirring up additional irritants from flat surfaces in the process. This is where our state-of-the-art air quality solutions come in.

Lennox Air Purifiers

We are proud to offer the Healthy Climate line of products exclusively from Lennox, enabling you to breathe easier than ever. Our complete scope of products ranges from humidifiers and programmable thermostats to specialized air cleaners and air purifiers.

Among our vast product selection, one product that stands out among the rest is the Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy purifier (REME). The REME is a sophisticated solution that is installed directly into your HVAC system, cleaning the air with naturally occurring oxidizers and it automatically eliminating 99% of airborne pollutants and allergens in every part of the home.

Purify and Sterilze Your Air

Whether you seek a hospital-grade sterilization system or a simple way to relieve dryness and static in your home, we have an air quality solution for you. Our dedicated team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to find and install the right air purifier for every family’s needs.

Why wait when you can take steps towards improving the air quality in your Fort Collins home today? Please do not hesitate to contact us by either call us at (970) 484-0400 or email the American Air Heating & Air Conditioning team, and we will be happy to help you get started.

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