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Air Conditioning Windsor COEfficiency in air conditioning systems has improved greatly in the past several years so that today’s equipment can cool your home for $100 to $150 a season rather than $100 a month.  Design improvements have led to much quieter units as well.   SEER, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is the industry’s standard by which the efficiency of all air conditioning units are measured.  The higher the number, the higher the efficiency and the less it will cost to operate the equipment.  The minimum efficiency level set by Federal Regulations is 13 SEER.  Equipment ranges in efficiencies from 13 SEER up to 19 SEER.  Two-speed units are also available, providing greater comfort with very quiet operational levels.

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Air Conditioner Refrigerants

R-22 vs. R410A Refrigerant R410A is the new EPA-recognized chlorine-free refrigerant that provides exceptional comfort without exacting a costly environmental toll. R-22 has been around for many years and will still be available for many years as the following information shows.  What makes R-22 so harmful to the atmosphere is the chlorine found in the chemical make-up of R-22.  One chlorine molecule can attach itself to as many as 100 ozone molecules and destroy them. R-22 Phase-out schedule:

  • 2004 – Production drop of 35% of 1998 levels.
  • 2006 – Minimum efficiency manufacturers are allowed to produce is raised to 13 SEER
  • 2010 – Manufactures can no longer manufacture R-22 equipment
  • 2020 – No more US production or import


Why Cooling Systems Make Sense In Colorado

In spite of our high altitude and low humidity, summer can be very uncomfortable due to heat, dust, and pollen.  Air conditioning does just what the name implies.  It conditions the air, filtering out allergens, reducing humidity and generally making you feel more comfortable.

  • How To Select An Air Conditioning System Just like a furnace, the best cooling systems are ones that fit your home’s physical requirements as well as your lifestyle and budget.
  • Efficiency Ratings Keeping energy costs down requires a combination of lower energy usage and higher system efficiency.  The more energy you use, the more important efficiency ratings become.  Today’s energy-efficient air conditioning systems are economical to operate.  You may be surprised at how little it costs to provide so much added comfort.  SEER efficiency ratings for air conditioners start at 13.00 and go as high as 21.00.  SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  It is used as a guide to establish which unit will perform its work with the least amount of energy usage.  The higher the number, the more efficient the unit, and the lower the operating cost.  As of 2005, all air conditioners manufactured in the United States must have a minimum SEER of at least 13.00.
  • What About Refrigerants? It is unlawful to intentionally vent refrigerant into the atmosphere, and anyone working on air conditioning and/or refrigeration equipment must be tested and certified by the EPA.  American Air has been using certified recovery equipment since 1991, and has been in the forefront of adopting environment-friendly practices.
  • Energy Star Rated Lennox’s commitment of energy efficient equipment can be seen in the diverse selection of their products.
  • Quality American Air is proud to represent the top air conditioning manufacturers in the nation, including LENNOX and ARMSTRONG.

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