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American Air represents the Healthy Climate line of products produced by Lennox, which include humidifiers, air cleaners, air purifiers, and programmable thermostats.  Healthy Climate products are one of the top line of products and carry a 5-year warranty to demonstrate the quality Lennox puts into all of their products.

Humidification Products

Lennox Healthy Climate Humidifiers utilize the flow-thru system.  The excess water not used in the humidification process is continually drained, which results in little to no production of mold and mildew inside the humidifier.  Annual maintenance requires changing the water pad, an easy 5 minute task with no tools required.

American Air installs the humidifier so that the humidifier will run with the furnace fan, not just when the heating runs.  This is very important.  A humidifier cannot humidify a home in the same amount of time that a furnace heats the home.  A humidifier needs substantially more time to get the humidity up to the proper level.  The Optimum Zone, as it is called is 35-60%RH (relative humidity).  In Colorado we can only get approximately 35-38% RH.  Each house is a little different but when the humidifier is installed with a Honeywell Vision Pro Thermostat homeowners can dial in the right humidity for their own home comfort and have an automatic humidification system that adjusts itself to the outside temperature to keep the right amount of humidity in the home at all times.

Steam Humidifiers

The new Honeywell TrueSTEAM humidifier is another great product from Honeywell.  The TrueSTEAM with the Vision Pro IAQ thermostat is the best controlled steam humidifier on the market.  Simply use the Vision Pro IAQ to set the humidity you wish to maintain in the house, set the frost control as required and the Vision Pro will do the rest.  The Vision Pro is also a fully programmable thermostat for your heating and cooling system.


The most technologically advanced Humidifier has become better with the help of a computer.  AutoFlo Steam Humidifiers have a built-in computer chip to insure maximum efficiency, accuracy, reliability and safety.  The result is Ultimate operation for Maximum homeowner comfort.

  • Automatic Flush system completely drains the humidifier every (12) twelve hours of operation without refilling until another call for Humidity.  This mode insures that the unit will not be full of water when not in operation.
  • The AutoFlo Steam Humidifier is the ONLY humidifier that will operate in the Heating system without a need for a heat call.  The Steam Humidifier will operate and turn the Fan on independently of the Furnace.
  • The Steam humidifier will work on any heating system and our models are compatible with all makes and all models of Forced Air Heating Units.
  • The Steam humidifier is the Only humidifier that will work to its fullest capacity on Heat Pump systems.

Call today for a free whole house humidifier estimate if you're in Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont, Loveland, Windsor, or anywhere in Northern Colorado.

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